Factories are design to make mass produced products and ideally, to the investors, as cheap as possible with as little overheads as absolutely as necessary while targeting the highest profits that can be achieved. Often this translates into cheap ingredients, since it is one the easiest ways to reduce overheads by a huge factor. Personal beauty care industry as well as household cleaning products contain larger and larger numbers of synthetic and often harmful ingredients that are cheap and good substitutes.

Buying skin care products these days is walking through an giant maze of options and hard-to-pronounce ingredient lists on every skin care lotion, face cleanse, treatment and scrub package. Skin, our body’s largest organ, absorbs these ingredients right into your skin and causes serious issues. Most medical doctors that practice general family medicine, are not trained and frankly cannot keep up with this industry and often provide little to no advice on dramatic issues caused by these harmful ingredients.

Thankfully, more and more smaller family businesses are focusing on developing beauty products that are made from herbal and natural ingredients that don’t have paraben, sulfites, petroleum based byproducts, and other chemicals and carcinogens. These new beauty products are herbal or all natural made from organic botanical gardens.

When shopping for yourself or your loved ones, look for skin care products that have unprocessed ingredients, without harsh chemicals and artificial additives and preservatives that damage your skin and get absorbed into your body through your skin, and even worse, damage your liver or other organs.

One essential rule to remember, if you can eat it and it will not harm you, then you can use it on your skin. Here are some amazing natural items that greatly help your skin:

– Lemon Juice
– Shea Butter
– Coconut Oil
– Tea Tree Oil
– Apple Cider Vinegar
– Sea Salt
– Avocado
– Argan Oil
– Aloe Vera

There has never been anything that works quite as good as lemon juice on your skin. However, getting the juice of a lemon and putting it on your skin will often cause severe pain initially. Why? Well, lemon juice has lots and lots of vitamin C and antioxidants and a quite a bit of fatty acids, such as decanoic acid, hexadecanoic acid. These work together to attack the free radicals and the germs and other bacteria that reside on your skin.

The first few times you put raw lemon juice on your skin, you will probably scream of a painfully burning sensation. In fact, those bacteria are being destroyed by the lemon juice. After a few times, the pain goes away as the bacteria, or essentially most of it, is destroyed and no longer resides on your skin.
You will then notice a silky skin and if moisturized correctly with natural unprocessed coconut oil, gives a shiny silky feel to your skin.

So, try to avoid the factory made store skin care products as much as you can, since most of these contain huge amounts of toxins and/or toxic ingredients as well as chemical fragrances that are linked, in various studies, to hormonal problems, skin flakiness, itchy skin, severely dry skin, and in some case even worse, such as allergies, irregular periods, infertility, and even cancer.

Again, if you can eat it and it does not harm you, most probably you can use it on your skin. The list above are items that are great for skin moisturizing and skin rejuvenation.